Why You Need Mobile Phone Insurance

You might have noticed that the last time you bought a new mobile phone your phone plan carrier offered to sign you up for a mobile phone insurance plan. You might have scoffed to yourself saying, “I’m careful with my electronic devices. I don’t need this expensive insurance policy”, but did you know that with the recent rise in mobile phone thefts across the UK you may be at greater risk now than ever before for having your mobile phone stolen from you? If you have an expensive Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone smartphone, like many of us, due to the cost, it has probably become your primary mode of communication. So what do you do when you can’t afford to replace your phone and it suddenly goes “missing?”

Well Here’s the Good News

Mobile phone providers offer expensive mobile insurance policies that often don’t offer the full range of coverage you want (and indeed, may even need) from accidents, theft, and loss of your device, and even when they do, there are steep restrictions and providers often overcharge for these services.  By not buying into your mobile provider’s plan you have allowed yourself to “shop around” for a more reasonably priced plan from an insurance provider that specializes in mobile phones and devices and can offer not only more affordable coverage, but also the coverage you need with less restrictions and more coverage options available.

Here’s the Bad

I’ve already told you that mobile phone thefts are on the rise today and this should come as no surprise given how valuable some of today’s smartphones can be. Of course, that’s not the only risk to your phone either. Phones also run the risk of being lost (how many of you have forgotten where you put your phone before?), and let’s be honest with ourselves, accidents can happen (I can’t tell you how often phones get dropped to their doom), and worse still, there’s a rising trend of “phone hackings” that can necessitate replacing your phone if it should become compromised.  With so many different perils that can befall your phone, you’re kidding yourself if you think you don’t need phone insurance.  I personally have all of my mobile devices insured by ProtectYourBubble.com phone insurance and I couldn’t be happier.

For those of you who may still be a bit sceptical about whether or not you need mobile phone insurance I urge you to check out this site. Sure, it does list a number of reasons why you might not need mobile insurance and there are a few. But what strikes me is the fact that the list of reasons why you ought to consider getting mobile insurance is almost twice as long. Ok, I think I’m pretty well sold! Yeah, you can take the risk of going without it, but I think you might change your mind when you realize you’re on the hook for replacing that lost or stolen smartphone completely out of pocket.  Do you really want to risk it?

Laura Ginn is a professional writer and blogger. She is constantly attached to her mobile devices, especially her iPhone, which she carries with her everywhere. Laura regularly writes on technological subjects and she is quite aware of the number of risks and problems that can befall mobile devices!