What to Know Before Investing in Any Cell Phone Spy Application

It may be tempting to conclude that all cell phone spy apps are about the same but nothing could be further from the truth.  There is a huge difference between generic monitoring apps with one or two features and the more advanced programs like iPhone or Android Spy that often have multiple surveillance features.  So before making any type of investment in cell phone spy software, here’s what you need to know before buying:

Make Sure the Cell Phone Spy App is Undetectable
If someone is aware of being monitored, it will significantly alter their behavior and you’ll never find out what they are really up to.  That is why you need to make sure to buy sophisticated monitoring applications like Nokia or Android Spy that are totally undetectable by the user.

Does the Cell Phone Spy App Have the Features You Need to Get the Answers You Want?
The biggest problem most people have with cell phone spy applications is that they don’t have the right surveillance tools for the task at hand.  So before you go out and invest in a fancy mobile monitoring tool like Android Spy, you first need to know what specific activities you want to monitor.

Tracking Cell Phone Movement
Are you a parent looking to protect your children when not around or a spouse looking to discreetly track cell phone movement?  Cell phone spy apps with both Live Location Monitoring and Location History will allow you to instantly see where someone is at any given moment plus where they have been.

Monitor Communications
Today’s smart phones provide users with a wide assortment of communication options, including:  Texting; IM’s; Videos; Pictures; and of course, Phone Calls.  To monitor all mobile phone communications, you need advanced applications like iPhone or Android Spy software that includes the following surveillance tools:

  • Call Recording
  • IM Logging
  • Text Logging
  • Picture and Video Logging

Monitor Activities On and Around Cell Phone
Need to know what websites a child, loved one, or employee is surfing on using their cell phone?  Want to discreetly monitor activities around the cell phone?  Then be sure to download cell phone spy apps with these tools:

Web History
Sophisticated mobile surveillance applications like Android Spy have the ability to secretly record all web browsing history regardless of the user’s privacy or security settings.

Spy Mode
If your Nokia or Android Spy software has this surveillance tool, then you can secretly activate the microphone on the user’s cell phone and listen live to the surroundings. 

Cell phone spy applications are great tools for discreetly monitoring activities of a loved one or employee.  But before investing in cutting edge tools like iPhone or Android Spy, ask yourself what activities you wish to monitor.  Then, find a cell phone spy application that has the surveillance tools you need to get the answers you want and deserve.

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