Want to Be a Better Driver? Download These 5 Apps

Driving safely not only ensures that you reach your destination in one piece but that your auto insurance premiums remain as low as possible. If you’ve got a mobile device, there are hundreds of apps that can help you travel safely. Here are the best:

  1. Drive First
    Designed by Sprint, and exclusive to the provider, the Android app automatically disables some of the functions of your phone when driving. Your phone will be locked and calls are automatically sent to voice mail. Your GPS and music apps will not be affected though your incoming text messages will receive an auto response stating that you are currently unavailable.

  2. DriveSafe.ly
    Another app that ensures you won’t be distracted by your phone when you drive. Your texts and emails are read aloud to you, in real time, and you have the option of setting up an auto-responder if you wish. Users report that the application doesn’t drain the battery of your mobile device and that there are a decent number of customizable options.

  3. Safe Driver
    No need to worry about your children or employees driving recklessly any longer. This app, once downloaded on the iPhone, uses the internal GPS system and alerts parents, or bosses, any time the driver exceeds the speed limit, takes a corner too sharply or even accelerates too quickly. Purchase the pro version and you will have access to detailed trip reports as well.

  4. Steer Clear Mobile
    The app is designed for teens but benefits any driver who wants to sharpen their driving skills to enhance their safety. Log your driving time, the road conditions and experiences with the easy-to-use application. Videos are available that can help drivers learn how to react in given scenarios and those under 25 who complete the application are eligible for discounts from State Farm Insurance.

  5. Dangers of Distracted Driving
    The app is divided into five sections that teach drivers of all ages the dangers of driving while distracted. The sections are: the basics of distracted driving, use of the kill zone theory, following-distance scenarios, the reaction time process and over driving your headlights. The app is a fantastic tool for those that don’t understand how dangerous it can be to drive while distracted.

While there is an app for virtually every aspect of your life, we love those that can teach us new skills. Every driver can benefit from learning how to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. Download these apps today and start driving more safely tomorrow.

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