Vodafone Equates to Value?

Vodafone = Value?   

Vodafone has introduced another new pricing plan designed to give their prepaid customers superior value for their money.  Vodafone aims to be the leader in affordable wireless communication in the UK by meeting the needs of customers whose diverse modes of living call for diverse pricing structures, with discounted rates for on net calls and special daytime rates every day of the week, as well as plans which offer a flat rate to Vodafone numbers and all other networks.

Vodafone has contract plans for 12, 18, and 24 months, as well as SIM only plans for 30 days, 90 days, and 12 months, and a variety of pay go plans. Pay go customers who would like to try the service can order a free SIM online and have it shipped to them free of charge. With one of Vodafone’s Freedom Freebee SIMs, you can choose to get talk , text, or mobile internet credits for free by topping up a minimum amount on your mobile device.  For example you can obtain over £50 of calls to standard UK mobiles and landlines,  as well as standard UK texts and 50 MB of UK web access for just £10. Freedom Freebees are valid for thirty days and you can purchase a new Freedom Freebee each month, including Freedom Freebees for international calls, weekend usage, internet, texts, and more.

Another phenomenal deal pay go users get is the Vodafone Freebee Rewardz program. This gives pay go users special codes that can be redeemed for instant Rewardz or grow Pointz that can be saved up for something bigger. This is just one more remarkable way in which Vodafone strives to deliver value to its subscribers in return for their patronage.

Users who want to use mobile internet without phone service can purchase an internet dongle from Vodafone, which installs in minutes and allows any laptop or tablet to access the internet anywhere. With monthly pricing plans designed for everyone from the very occasional to the regular internet user, Vodafone has a plan that lets you purchase as much or as little mobile internet access as you may need. And now Vodafone is offering half price line rental for the first three months on all of their of their eighteen month plans, so there’s never been a better time to sign up.

Vodafone customer service is reknowned as being fairly good with helpful sales people and knowledgable support staff. Everyone has run ins with their mobile phone’s service staff so this is certainly a benefit.

Vodafone also has a wide variety of phones, naturally including the iPhone 4s, to meet the needs and desires of all of its customers, be they pay go or contract customers, just another way Vodafone leads in value!

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