Turning an iPad into a Writing Tool

In terms of revolutionary technology that changes the habits of a generation, you won’t find anyone bigger that Apple. Apple have changed the way we listen to music, the way we communicate and the way we create.

The latest creation by Apple to change the way people operate is the iPad: a stunning device that, like all Apple products, looks great and works brilliantly. For many people, it is perfect just the way it is. However, the iPad lacks one key aspect – particularly if your iPad is your primary ‘computer’ – a physical keyboard. Whilst the on-screen keyboard is fine for a quick status update or message to friends, typing anything of any real length is not easy. It’s possible yes, but for the current generation of people at least, a flat glass panel isn’t made for typing.

Some people won’t be bothered by this, however if you do tend to write and type a lot, the iPad may come to frustrate you in its basic format. Writers, bloggers, students and journalists will struggle to produce the work they need to using the iPad.

So what is the solution to this?

Well it may seem a fairly obvious one, but people still need a physical keyboard. One on which they can spout out x-thousand words with relative ease. Many manufacturers have attempted to create this special iPad keyboard, however most have failed gloriously with over-complicated fitting systems, poor functionality or ugly designs. I have only seen one keyboard that has provided a quality solution to the problem – the Adonit Writer Plus, an attractive keyboard that doubles up as a case, with high-responsiveness, incredible battery-life and a real quality feel to it.

But won’t this just mean we’re recreating the laptop?

To some degree, yes. But a laptop where the screen can be removed in an instant when the keyboard isn’t needed, a laptop that is protected as soon as it is folded over and looks delicious. The Adonit Writer Plus is available to buy from Adonit UK, the official distributor of Adonit products across Europe.