Top Free Android Apps

The app market for Android has recently been flooded with new and inventive apps, which aim to give Android an edge that can allow it to compete with more well-known Apple products. Many of the best apps are free. Obviously, there are apps for Facebook, Hotmail, Google, Skype as well as various news apps such as BBC News. This list will detail some of the lesser known (but no less brilliant, fun and useful) free apps that you can download for Android.


  • Skymap

Designed by Google, Skymap is a brilliant, unique, and strangely beautiful app. Point your Android devise at the night sky and, using GPS, Skymap will highlight any points of interest in the field of vision, such as constellations and planets.



  • Dropbox

This vastly popular and easy to use file hosting platform is now available on Android. Share and store files on your phone with greater ease than ever before.



  • London Tube Status

By combining live departure times with constant travel status updates, this app provides to-the-minute accurate reports of the next train to arrive at an Underground platform. Eliminate the need to run down escalators and have a more relaxed and organised daily commute.



  • Tesco Groceries

One of the most comprehensive and easy to use shop-online apps. Tesco Groceries includes barcode scanner support and voice recognition technology. You can also use the app to arrange a convenient delivery time or to amend existing orders. No need to waste time queuing in the supermarket!



  • Cartoon Camera

This fun app turns photographs taken using your Android into cartoon versions. It can be used to create quirky and funny pictures, or to put an artistic edge onto an otherwise dull image.



  • Bubbleshoot

This popular and satisfying game is oddly addictive. Shoot coloured bubbles at other coloured bubbles; when three of the same colour touch, the bubbles pop and points are gained. New rows appear, pushing the bubbles towards the bottom of the screen, if they reach the bottom game over! An entertaining way to pass a daily commute or to amuse children on long journeys.



  • Tiny Flashlight + LED

There are countless torch function apps, but this is one of the best. Simple to use and produces a very powerful and effective light without draining battery.



  • Papertoss

An inexplicably satisfying game. Papertoss has a very simple premise: throw balls of paper into a wastepaper basket, see how many times you can do this in a row without missing. The combination of a very accurate physics engine, the use of the swipe-screen function and an accurate noise as the paper falls into the bin make this another addictive and entertaining game.


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