Top 6 HTC Phones

HTC is indisputably one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones. You cannot go wrong buying an HTC, but choosing a phone to suit your tastes depends on educating yourself on the best HTC models available. Here are the Top 6 HTC Phones. Some of them are a little old. Even for today they, though, they still stand up as fairly decent.

HTC One X+

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 4+ are squeezed into a black matte case, with red highlights. The phone is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3, 1.7 GHz quad core CPU. The battery is a solid 2100mAh. This is a true improvement over the HTC One X. The One X+ is one of the best HTC phones.


Although the design of the One X put it at the front of mobile phones, it become clear quickly that it needed some revision, especially because of the poor battery life and inconsistent UI problems. It yielded to the One X+, though it still is a fine piece of technology. The camera is good and it has the large screen for comfort, along with a quad core CPU.


The One S is a trimmed down version of the One X. The screen is more manageable, at 4.3 inches, than the monster size of the One X. The case is a nice micro-arc oxidized material. The UI is inconsistent, like the One X. If you think the One X or X+ has too large of a screen, then you definitely shoud try out the HTC One S.


This is a Windows 8 phone with a 342ppi screen that comes as close as possible to the iPhone. There is no microSD, but it has Beats Audio with an internal amplifier that is dedicated to the Beats. This is a brave try by HTC at a Windows 8 phone, but they have made more of a dent in the Android market and should stick with it.


Here is the less expensive version of the Windows 8 phone, the HTC 8X. This is an extremely thin phone. The 8S does have a microSD slot, unlike the 8X. It is a better choice than other Windows phones, like the Lumia 820.

HTC Desire X

The Desire X was released nearly 2 years following the unveiling of the first Desire. The dual core CPU at 1GHz fits it more in with the One phones. The Desire X cost less, though. So if you want the taste of a One-class phone, but cannot find the cash, the Desire X will fit your pocket book.

HTC Desire C

The only reason you might buy this phone is that it is the cheapest HTC phone alive. The Desire series was once the pride and joy of HTC, so this is a strange twist. If you have always wanted an HTC phone, but just do not have enough money, this is a good entry unit.

The Final Word

These six phones represent a good spectrum of HTC phones to match anyone’s tastes. If you want the latest greatest then the One X+ is the one, but if you are on a tight budget, you will have to stick with the Desire X or the Desire C. The One S is a good alternative to the huge screen of the One X+. Then again, if Windows is your thing, the 8X is the phone for you. If the 8X does not fit your budget, the 8S will and you can still have Windows 8. So take your pick and enjoy HTC’s world class phones.