The Problem with Linking Social Media Accounts Together

We’ve read a lot of articles talking about the benefits of linking social media accounts together and those articles were speaking of the truth. But there is another side to the story and that is the fact that there are issues associated with the pursuit as well.

The problem goes beyond the trivial issue of not having enough time to do all the social media activities on a daily basis. In fact, linking accounts would give users more time as an update on one account could automatically update another which doesn’t only take care of the time issue but also of duplicating the updates activities.

One problem of automatically updating all social media accounts at one time is the fact that there are different types of audiences and different level of professionalism for different social media platforms. This means that an update could be appropriate for one social media site but not for another. For instance, a Facebook update can be very personal that a user may not want his professional connections in Twitter or LinkedIn know about it.

The real problem however can be drawn from a story about “Girls Around Me” app controversy. This app maps out women and their locations, plus their updates and personal information that were posted on their Facebook profiles. The story goes on that because of the app’s capacity to display all updates and information from Facebook, everything there is to know about a person in “Girls Around Me” can be easily retrieved and viewed that it’s sort of creepy to think about it.

Apparently, even people who are not in one’s friends’ list in Facebook can see whatever information that a person is supposedly sharing with his friends alone. This is very akin to what will happen if one enables automatic update duplication by linking all his social media accounts together, unless of course if one is 100% sure that he’s got the same contact list and security settings in every social media account.

It’s true when they say that the world is so technologically advanced that with millions of people sharing their information in numerous social media sites, it only takes one smart (or maybe even malicious) developer to put all these personal information together to create a creepy “stalking system”.

The fact is that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and many more have APIs (application programming interface) that they freely furnish developers so they can communicate with their website. Thousands of developers take advantage of this opportunity to connect or tap in to Twitter or Facebook resources directly and there’s no way that these social media sites can keep track of all these developers.

Thus, the more social media accounts that one links together, the more these developers are given information about the user. For some users though who think that “privacy” is just a thing in the past, then this issue should not worry them at all.

So yes, there are advantages to linking social media accounts together but the disadvantage may be heavier as it concerns safety and security. If one wants to save time, maybe it’s a better to think of other ways to speed up online activities. Smooth and efficient browsing and high-performance computing can be attained by optimizing one’s PC. System tools like PC Speed Up can do the trick. This strategy is much safer than automatic updates duplication to multiple social media sites. As we always hear: better safe than sorry, right?


  1. Paul Salmon
    Apr 10, 2012

    When it comes to social media, I try to keep my blog accounts separate from my personal accounts. For the most part I only really use Facebook for my personal life, but have Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other accounts for my blog.

  2. Grady Pruitt
    Apr 13, 2012

    I don’t even link my social media sites to my blog commenting generally. It’s not that I don’t want others to know that I’m commenting, but that I just don’t care to have too many apps linking in to my social sites, in part for the reason you described here.

    Definitely gives us something to think about!