The Battle of the Smartphones

Insiders and those in the mobile telephone industry are putting their money and reputations on the line currently by speculating that the release dates for the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 and the imminent iPhone 5 are likely to coincide.

To an outsider, this might seem like a disaster from a sales perspective. Consider that two mainstream television channels are unlikely to put their prime time programmes on at clashing times for fear of losing their share of the audience. However, there are, in this instance, a number of reasons why a similar release date is an inspired move.

  1. Marketing
    It’s almost guaranteed that between the two of them, Apple and Samsung employ some of the best and most talented marketing staff on the planet and giving them a golden opportunity such as rivalry seems almost inspired. A cynic might say that it couldn’t have been planned any better…

  2. The Same Customer Base
    Both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 and their manufacturers are vying for the same market so a joint or similarly timed release which might seem impractical on the face of it is actually the best way to increase and guarantee sales. Consider what might happen if the two released with a month or two month gap between them? He phone released first would enjoy the sales from customers who had been waiting for their upgrade whilst the phone going second would be bound to suffer as a result because that same customer base would be unlikely to be ready for another upgrade after just a few weeks – especially given that both phones are likely to be intended for longevity.

  3. The Customer
    Similarly timed releases put the customer back in the focus. Not only do they have the benefit of the choice of two new phones rather than one new and one from a few months previously which has now fallen from favour, but they also have two manufacturers using a variety of price plans, contract offers and other promotions to gain their custom over their rivals. Given that many customers interpret that the major corporations such as Samsung and Apple care little, if at all, for their opinion or their thoughts, having the two clamouring for their custom is certain to raise smiles.

  4. The Industry
    Although the mobile phone industry hasn’t seen the same negative effects of the economic downturn as many other retailers, these are hard times and any ploy or strategy to improve sales and targets is certain to be welcomed. Whether the retailer in question is a high street or online retailer and whatever their size or capacity, the additional sales created by a joint or similarly timed release are a bonus.

In addition, other retailers enjoy the “knock-on” effect of having more shoppers, happier with their new purchase and keen to carry on the optimism. Furthermore, the added revenue and wages paid only enhances the local, national and global economy and so is welcomed as being beneficial on a much larger scale than might be imagined on the surface of it.

This post was written by Terry Brightman – a total gadget geek and proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?