Smartphone Showdown – Android Versus iPhone

If you run a blog or a website then it pays to keep up with the world of technology and all the new releases coming out. Not only do you need to know the difference between an iPhone and Android so that you can choose which one to optimize your website for, but you also need to be able to choose which one you want to buy in order to take advantage of all the productivity aids that they can present you with.

To that end, one of the biggest decisions that you can make at the moment is whether you want to back iPhone or Android phones, and there are many advantages here of each. Here we will look at those differences in a little more detail to help you choose.

The first thing to note, and the thing that makes Android the more popular choice for anyone with an interest in technology, is that Android phones are much more open in the way they let you use them. In other words you are free to install whatever software you like, to make whatever changes you wish and to generally use the phone how you see fit. This means that you can install a new keyboard if necessary, or watch flash videos, or alter the very operating system itself (it’s open source). You can also use the Android phones as external storage devices and access them in the same way you would do an external harddrive.

This then means that you can do a lot more with your Android phone and that you are a lot freer to utilize it as you wish. This in turn means it’s more likely to be compatible with whatever you need to do and you won’t have to install iTunes in order to retrieve a file. In this respect Android wins hands down.

Reliability & Simplicity
However where the iPhone comes into its own is in its simplicity and its reliability. You can load up your iPhone and choose to run a piece of software and you know it is going to work for you every time without crashing. On the other hand, Androids are a little more prone to crashing a the best of times, are more susceptible to malware, and the variation in hardware means that the same app might not run on every Android device, or might be very different on the various screens and processors.

That said, because you can’t get into the guts of the iPhone, that does mean that when it crashes it really crashes and you won’t be able to repair it yourself (you can’t even get the battery out to force a restart that way). And anyway, do you really want a phone that’s simple enough for your Mum to use?

Power & Price
iPhones are highly powerful, as are iPads, but in terms of the power that you get for the money they aren’t the hottest on the market. The problem is that with an Apple product you are paying very much for the brand and the cool factor of owning an iPhone, which means it will cost you a fair bit more.

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