Mobile and Social Gaming Statistics

Almost everyone has either been on popular social media platform Facebook, or played a video game of some sort in their lifetime. Where social media and gaming meet, is a place that is rapidly becoming a favourite hangout spot for millions of internet users all over the world. Gaming has changed drastically since the Nintendo 8 bit consoles first hit the scene, but so have social media sites over the years too. Gaming on a social scale moves way past just Facebook though. Social gamers use any platform that allows them to play a fun game with as many other gamers as possible.

A lot of people that play social games have never ever played any similar games in their lives before. Only about 70% have actually played games before or have some sort of gaming experience. The most popular place for social gaming is, of course, Facebook, which has the largest number of social games for users to choose from. The amount of money people put into these games is sometimes shocking though. In 2009 social gamers spent $2.2 billion on game contents. This includes a range of different stuff, from upgrades to extra levels for whatever their particular game of choice is. Experts predict that this total will increase to about $6 billion in 2013. North American gamers are said to have spent an average of $74 billion over a four month period. About 28% of all social gamers in the US and UK have converted real money into virtual money to be used in online gaming.

Research has shown that almost 80% of all downloads for mobile phones are games. With titles like Angry Birds on the market almost all the tablet owners in the world are playing on their devices. Angry Birds has been downloaded half a billion times since its release and I am sure that 99% of people that have this game play it on a daily basis. The mobile gaming industry is expected to reach $54 billion dollars. If you see somebody constantly stuck on their phone then they are either updating something on a social media site or playing a new game that they have downloaded.

Angry Birds is now by far the most popular mobile game across any platform at the moment and the number of players is increasing rapidly every day. Zynga’s CityVille was said to be the most popular Facebook games with FarmVille coming in second. Texas HoldEm Poker, which is one of my favourites, comes in at 3rd. The mobile and social gaming world is changing everyday and I expect to see more and more developers jumping on this bandwagon as they try to create something better than the current leaders in the social and mobile gaming industry.

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