Low Cost Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Inasmuch as you should encourage a steady flow of new customers, you should also strive to build a wide base of repeat buyers. No matter how well-thought of your marketing strategy is, it’s not that effective if it does not cover the subject of customer loyalty. The key to such business success is in customer experience management. Although there really are no hard and fast rules to converting first time customers to loyal buyers, there are a few tried-and-tested tips which are worth considering. 

  1. Improve Your Customer Service
    There are two things which influence a person’s decision to do business with a certain establishment – affordability and customer service. Since it would be impractical and illogical to drive down the prices of your commodities just for you to keep customers, then the best recourse is to improve your customer service. Here are a few tips to doing just that.

    • Educate your employees. Every customer hates it when he or she is passed around from one employee to the other just to get the answer to a certain question. So in order to prevent this from happening, make sure that your employees know the answers to frequently asked questions.
    • Encourage your employees to know your customers. It is a known fact that people appreciate employees that remember them. This makes customers feel wanted. One easy way to repel buyers is by having workers who seem very impersonal and unaccommodating.
  2. Have a Loyalty Program
    Although you cannot really expect regular discounts to genuinely make your customers loyal to you (since they may always go for someone who sells goods at lower prices when you stop offering discounts), a well-thought out loyalty program will allow you to dodge this pitfall.Instead of discounts, you can designate points for each purchase. By waiting for these points to accumulate, your loyal buyers can redeem freebies and other rewards.
  3. Include Value-Added Services
    This is especially important to service providers. Consumers are always looking for cheaper alternatives especially with the onset of these economic problems. However, you cannot always afford to lower your rates. So to keep your existing customers and not drive them away with your rates, it’s best if you offer them value-added services.
  4. Be Appreciative
    Again, customers like it when they are being valued. So try sending your loyal customers thank-you cards every now and then. If you make use of email marketing, you can always send out holiday e-cards.

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