How to strengthen the cell signal?

You have already decided that you need a gsm repeater to enhance your cellular communications and have chosen what model to purchase. And now all you have to do, it’s to deal with the installation.

In this case you have 2 variants to choose. You can install the gsm booster yourself or turn to professionals. And this variant is more useful and reasonable. As only the specialists can provide you the right choice of the equipment and technical decisions, the selection of brands and cables, the accuracy of the direction of the external antenna, the correct installation of your cell phone amplifier, the tuning of your mobile signal booster, the right distribution of power between internal antennas, the quality crimp connectors and many other technical details that you don’t even think!

But there are moments that the professionals can not influence. These are the characteristics of the mobile base stations of cell operators. These parameters are defined by law and supervisors constantly ensure that the radiation power of the cell base station does not exceed the allowable. Also the barriers of forests, buildings and terrain affect the distribution of the signal from the base station.

The cellular base station can operated at frequency of 900 (124 channel) and 1800(374 channels) MHz for gsm standard. To pass information to each other cell base stations are linked with microwave links, fiber-optic, laser, wire lines of communication.

The choice of the mobile phone amplifier should be based on the radio frequency of the area, taking into account all the parameters of the mobile base stations. The main aspect is the level of received cell signal from the base station and the area where you need the stable gsm signal.

But sometimes the client often tries to select the cellular equipment based on budget and not on the basis of measurements, the object and common sense. In this case the cell system of strengthening can stop working or can work considerably worse than at the time of installation. This can happen in the case of the reducing the power of the transmitter in the cellular base station of your provider; the appearance of the buildings that prevent the spread of the gsm signal for your cell phone signal amplifier and your mobile phone; when the customer want to save his money and as consequence he receives the insufficiently qualitative equipment.

The solution of this problem can be the replacement of the gsm signal amplifier for your cell phone for another model, having more factor of strengthening and target capacity. Sometimes the change of the orientation of the external antenna can help in such situation.

Thus, the relations between the customer and the professional and their responsibility should be stipulated at all stages of introduction of the strengthening system.

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    Jan 30, 2012

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