How to Boost Your Phone Signal and Battery-Life

As smart phones continue to add more and more functions and become more powerful than ever, one aspect of the phone that really suffers is the battery.

Flash back 13 years and the Nokia 3210 was the most popular phone in the world. It could send SMS messages, make calls and play ‘Snake’, all without any wires! It was very impressive. Also, the battery seemed to last forever. Weeks could go by without you charging your phone and it would continue to work.

Now however, you’ll be lucky if you phone stays powered through the day with fairly constant use. It’s not that phone manufacturers are in anyway slacking when it comes to the battery though; the batteries are many times more powerful than those found on early mobile phones. The issue is that mobile phones are now so powerful and use so many features at all times, even if you’re not using the phone at the time.

Preserving Battery Life + Signal Strength

The battery-life of smart phones is poor enough, without us making it worse by putting covers on our phones, which whilst protecting our phones physically, they hinder battery life by covering antennae’s which receive phone signal, meaning your phone has a weaker signal and has to work harder to get it anyway! Definitely not ideal.

One product that has provider a solution to this is the Pong Case. Which not only preserves your mobile phone signal, but can actually boost it by maintaining Total Radiated Power (TRP) – meaning that not only will your signal improve, but your battery life will do the same as a result.

The Pong Case has proved to be one of the most technologically advanced products in today’s market, with its attractive casing protecting the phone, the functionality of the phone as well as the user from radiation. Pong iPhone cases are available to purchase from Pong UK.