Four Android Apps for Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are easier thanks to technology. People have video chats, exchange photographs, make timelines of their relationships and talk long distance for free or a low flat rate. Android apps are changing the way couples interact and are making it easier on people who are forced to be apart from their significant other. Consider how this collection of Android apps from these people can help with long distance relationships.


Facebook is an excellent tool for long distance relationships. Through Facebook, couples can exchange photographs and talk to each other via chat. It is a great application for the couple to keep in touch and to communicate with supporters who can offer advice.

If the relationship is moving towards marriage, it is important to know who your supporters will be long term. These are the people who will keep the relationship together. Facebook keeps everyone informed of the developments in the relationship.

Facebook clearly displays a person’s relationship status. So, there is no ambiguity when other inquiring people develop an interest. Facebook is an excellent forum for long distance relationships.

2. Skype

Skype will allow people to talk for a nominal fee. The flat rate monthly fees for domestic and international calling are manageable and allows long distance relationships to flourish despite distance. On those late nights when you miss your significant other’s voice, you can talk for as long as you would like with Skype. Even video chat calling is available with Skype. This allows you to see your significant other’s face while speaking with him or her.

3. Pair

Pair is a new application that was originally designed for iPhone and is now being adapted for Android platforms also. This application allows long distance couples to exchange photographs, SMS messages and share locations with one another. Couples can create drawings together and send thank you messages to each other. A shared “To Do” list can even be maintained.

The application also features Thumb Kiss. The phone will vibrate when the couple’s thumb prints meet the same spot on the screen. This helps couples feel closer to one another when they cannot physically touch. To participate, partners must request to be a pair. If you want to talk, tap a single button and begin the conversation.

4. Postagram

Facebook recently purchased Instagram for $1 billion. Postagram is a free application, developed by Sincerely, Inc., that allows couples to select photographs from Instagram or Facebook and share photographs by printing them on a physical postcard. The photograph or postcard will be sent in the mail to your partner.

A 180 character message can be included on the card. The message can express heartfelt longings for your long distance love. For $0.99 domestically, your significant other will know how you feel with a pictorial representation. The cost of the service is $1.99 world-wide. The delivery time is approximately one week in the United States and Canada. Internationally, delivery may take several weeks.

Make Your Long Distance Relationship More Secure with Android Apps

Couples in long distance relationships no longer have to worry about being able to communicate and keep the spark alive. There are so many applications available to help couples keep their relationships fresh. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but when you miss the person you love, applications are helpful to bridge the gap. Try these applications and others to make your relationship stronger.