Five Awesome iPhone Apps For Entrepreneurs

With the help of tools like the internet and mobile devices, starting a new business has never been easier or more intuitive. Especially when considered against the backdrop of Apple’s iPhone, there are a number of great tools that can help today’s entrepreneurs turn their business idea into real world success in a number of quick and easy ways. Whether that’s by providing a payment processor, a checklist, or cloud storage, these applications are all indispensable tools when creating a new business. Here’s a list of iPhone apps every entrepreneur should have, brought to you by Big Dug, UK’s No.1 for low cost racking.

Square (Free)

Potentially the most innovative mobile payments application currently on the market, Square combines an intuitive app with a small hardware accessory for payment collection and processing. Using the appropriate square card reader, users of the app simply plug the square into their iPhone’s headphone jack, open the application, and begin accepting credit card payments on the spot. The company charges a small percentage-based fee on each transaction, but the business will be able to greatly increase its revenues and mobility with just a few touches of the screen.

Dropbox (Free)

Cloud storage comes at a premium these days, but Dropbox still manages to offer a single gigabyte free to each of its users. Beyond that, storage is pretty cheap to purchase. Best of all, the company offers an iPhone application, as well as Windows, Mac, and Android options, allowing entrepreneurs to access their important files anywhere they have an internet connection. It supplements the iCloud syncing service perfectly, and does so without a fee for the first gig.

WebEx (Free)

Entrepreneurs often need to attend meetings with friends, employees, or partners, but they’re often so busy that it’s impossible to make every meeting. To solve this problem, Cisco has created its WebEx application. Meetings can be scheduled, attended, noted, and even recorded, using this innovative application. Video conferences between as many as four people can take place using the app, and its PC counterparts, making it an effective videoconferencing solution as well. It’s a great way to be present at a meeting, even if one of the business’ key figures can be in the room at the time the meeting is taking place. And, of course, it’s free — making it the perfect price for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Invoice2Go Lite (Free)

In addition to collecting payments on the go with an application like Square, entrepreneurs need to be able to manage money coming in, money going out, and any collections that they might need to pursue. The best way — and easily the most affordable — is to use the Invoice2Go Lite application for iPhone. This free application comes with 20 unique invoice templates, and has the ability to instantly turn each invoice into a PDF file and email it to the proper client, vendor, or customer. A PayPal button can be added to every email or invoice, making it possible for recipients to instantly make payment and benefit the fledgling business’ bottom line.

ScanBizCards ($3.99)

Entrepreneurs will likely spend a good deal of time promoting their new business or idea to interested clients, customers, and even investors. That will inevitably involve collecting a large number of business cards. Rather than developing an extensive system to categorize and alphabetize these small and informative cards, entrepreneurs should let their iPhone do the work for them. Using the phone’s built-in camera, each business card can be photographed, scanned, and automatically imported to this helpful application. Information can then be seen on the phone’s screen, and all cards will be stored on the phone’s internal storage, eliminating the need for bulky rolodexes and other ways of storing this information.

Great Tools for Startup Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

The iPhone is changing the way new business get started, offering them exceedingly affordable ways to invoice their customers, collect payments on the fly, and manage traditional documents in innovative new ways. These applications are easily the most essential tools that most entrepreneurs will need when guiding their new venture toward success and, because most of them are free to acquire, they won’t damage an already-tight startup business budget. With careful planning and expert utilization of the iPhone, a 21st century business can take off in record time.