Bsnl Revises Its 2G And 3G Data Tariffs

BSNL, India’s larget telecom service provider has revised data charges for its 2G and 3G customers. BSNL has increased data uses charges from 0.1p/kb to 0.2/kb. It has also revised data usage limits of 2G Postpaid unlimited plan of Rs 249 and 3G Postpaid unlimited plans of Rs 1359 and Rs 2720 those will now have free data usage of 6 GB, 15 GB and 35GB respectively . The updated tariff will be implemented with effect from 18.02.2011. BSNL offers free data usage in home as well in roaming networks.

2G & 3G postpaid data tariff plans:-

FMC of plan in Service Free data usage Additional usage charges with
Rs./Month* pulse rate of 10KB
Existing Revised Existing Revised
249 2G Unlimited 6 GB NA Rs.0.02/10KB
1359 3G Unlimited 15 GB NA Rs.0.02/10KB
2720 3G New 35 GB NA Rs.0.02/10KB

*Service tax as applicable extra.

ii) 2G & 3G prepaid data Tariff Plans:-

MRP of RCV in Service Free data usage Additional usage Remark
Rs. / 30 days^ (with validity of 30 charges with pulse
days) rate of 10KB
274 2G Unlimited NA Withdrawn
270 2G 6 GB Rs.0.02/10KB New
1499 3G Unlimited NA Withdrawn
1500 3G 15 GB Rs.0.02/10KB New
3000 3G 35 GB Rs.0.02/10KB New