Blackberry Technology Update

RIM has launched their latest update to BlackBerry technology; the BlackBerry 7.1 Operating System. This version has a number of new features for their BlackBerry contract phones on offer. Designed to further enhance user experience these include: BlackBerry Maps, which not only shows you the area you are in, but also highlights special offers and discounts available at restaurants, shops , bars and other retailers close to your location. Think how really useful this would be when out shopping, socialising and eating out.

With your BlackBerry Maps there will be no need to spend time hunting out those bargains and great deals. While you are out and about, either business or social networking, the BlackBerry Tag function allows you to invite friends to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) just by tapping your near field communication (NFC) enabled smartphones together. No more getting details wrong or losing scraps of paper. For listening pleasure, the update also includes an FM Radio function which will enable BlackBerry Curve 9360 and 9380 smartphone users to access their favourite local FM stations on the move.

The updated universal search capability now includes an auto-suggest feature, making browsing the web easier and quicker by offering relevant possible options. In terms of apps there are two key developments. The Travel app is now updated to show hotel, car rental and other relevant travel deals and will tell you if your flight is delayed or cancelled. It also has an automatic ‘trip scanning’ function that uploads all your travel details for you.

The update of the BlackBerry Traffic app now provides hands free voice guidance for your journey and gives you an estimated arrival time based on current traffic flow. The worldwide rollout of the BlackBerry 7.1 commenced in January. A UK release date has not yet been announced but will be later this year.