Snap Judgment Is Rampant on the Internet

Not just is Internet access getting ubiquitous and fast, so is people’s judgment. Today everyone wants everything really fast. That’s why people are making snap judgments of the websites that they visit. The following infographic makes a compelling case for this:

Let’s Get Real With Our SEO

There are several hocus-pocus measure of SEO that are popular. But the fact is that there is nothing quite like real SEO. And I speak from a lot of experience. That is what prompts me to bring you this simple yet great infographic.

Google Defines Contemporary SEO

There was a time when you could just set a set keyword density to your blog posts, and hope that was adequate SEO right there. That is what I call the 90’s approach to SEO, though to be fair it continued all the way up to 2006 or so. Here is an interesting infographic that explains Google’s (or should I say Matt Cutt’s) influence on contemporary SEO. Image...

Why You Need Mobile Phone Insurance

You might have noticed that the last time you bought a new mobile phone your phone plan carrier offered to sign you up for a mobile phone insurance plan. You might have scoffed to yourself saying, “I’m careful with my electronic devices. I don’t need this expensive insurance policy”, but did you know that with the recent rise in mobile phone thefts across the UK you may be at greater risk now than ever before for having your mobile phone stolen from you? If you have an expensive Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone smartphone, like many of us, due to the cost, it has probably become your primary mode of communication. So what do you do when you can’t afford to replace your phone and it suddenly goes “missing?” Well Here’s...

MobiBass Is Your Favorite Mobile Phone Blog. But Where Did the Term “Blog” Come From?

You would have to have been living under a rock if you do not know what the term “blog” refers to. But did you know that this term was created as recently as end 1997. People who were born in the 90’s or later tend to be of the impression that blogs have existed forever. Nothing could be further than the truth. Here is my way of visually explaining this to you: Read...