Are Cell Phones a Health Hazard?

Occasionally, stories pop up in the media about people who develop brain tumors because of excessive cell phone use which stirs up both public and scientific debate about whether or not cell phones are a health hazard. The World Health Organization classifies cell phone as “possibly carcinogenic”, which means there may be some risk involved, but they don’t know how much. However, a large Danish study conducted over 20 years concluded that there was no link between cell phone use and Cancer. The only thing the scientific community can agree on is that there is a need for further investigation into the subject.

Fact vs. Fiction
Terms like “electromagnetic radiation” and “radio waves” immediately spark fear in peoples’ mind. Keep in mind that both of the emissions from cell phones are very low level and they are regulated based on how much exposure a person can tolerably receive. In other words, there is a very good chance that your body is not absorbing more of these energies than it can safely process. Microwaves emit high-frequency radiation waves at a far higher amount than cell phones do and no one has proven a definitive link between microwaves and cancer.

What about Children?

While the theory that cell phones can cause Cancer has yet to be effectively proven or disproven, it is a fact that children absorb more radiation than adults do; especially young children. For that reason alone, you might want to hold off on buying your children cell phones until they are in their teens. Since there is no scientific consensus either way, it’s up to you to decide if you are worried about potential early exposure or not.

The Real Health Risks
Judging by what has been discovered so far, people are far more likely to die in car accidents because they were distracted while talking on their cell phone than they are from cancer caused by its use. Cell phones are a powerful distraction and a large number of people die from car accidents because they are on their phone and driving at the same time. There are also a high number of people who are injured simply crossing the street because they’re preoccupied with their phone and not paying attention to traffic. Continual distraction is the biggest health hazard of cell phones.

Stories about new and possibly carcinogenic things show up in the media in a fairly regular basis, so you should do your own research on the subject before you buy into a media scare tactic or overblown hype. Additionally, make sure that you read information from credible sources like respected agencies and academia and form your own decision about how safe cell phones are. Don’t just rely on the media to provide you with the information you need. With lack of concrete scientific proof either way, you have to make the decision you feel is best.

About the Author: Richard Niggemann is a huge fan of technology and loves watching the cell phone market change. He is particularly fascinated by Google’s acquisition of Motorola and can’t wait to see how the corporation evolves. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?