Apple ipad Finally launched in India

The much awaited Apple ipad finally arrives India today. Apple has partnered with BSNL to launch the tablet in the country.

The ipad comes in Wi-Fi or 3G+Wi-Fi versions. It will be available in India through Apple’s premium retailers. The lowest priced iPad which is iPad with Wi-Fi 16GB model will cost you Rs. 27,900.  While the lowest priced 3G+Wi-Fi version ipad cost you Rs 34,900.

Here is the Complete Price Details:

16GB 32GB 64GB
IPAD WITH WI-FI Rs. 27,900 Rs. 32,900 Rs. 37,900
IPAD WITH WI-FI + 3G Rs. 34,900 Rs. 39,900 Rs. 44,900

To buy Apple ipad visit Apple India’s website.