9 Best Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy S3

With over 10 million pre-orders for this phone, it is clearly one of the top in the world. It may even beat the Apple iPhone 5. Samsung clearly design the Galaxy S3 to beat the iPhone 5. The screen is 4.8 inches of AMOLED HD surface. It is less expensive than the iPhone 5. The design rocks and the phone feels great to hold. It is lighter, due to the polycarbonate shell and the oversized screen can feel cumbersome to some. The camera is arguably the fastest on any mobile. The Galaxy S3 is a pleasure to use and view.

HTC One X+

HTC pulls off an Apple trick by making the One X+ with an air of distinction. This is a phone for the firm, especially since they have improved storage and browser efficiency. Everything about the One X+ will impress you, except the battery life. Otherwise, it is a close contender with the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has top notch technology, useability, and design. While the maps they are leaning on as a replacement for Google Maps is a bit of a joke, the phone trumps this small diversion. The iPhone 5 is not the game changer the iPhone 4 was for Apple. This is because Apple has been overly conservative with releasing new features. In this case, the design was a little disappointing. However, the phone itself is a world class unit. There is no doubt that Apple phones deserve to be among the top mobile phones in the world.

Google Nexus 4

Teaming up with LG, Google has released a fine phone. The stripped down Android 4.2 can be a breath of fresh air to those who are annoyed with the way manufacturers interfere with operations through tweaking the OS. It is a well designed phone, though a bit conservative on the memory.


Here is a phone that has the look and feel of a winner. Once you have picked it up you will want to take it home with you. HTC could have just let the One X slide, while releasing the One S only. The HTC Sensation is a bit more evolved and the finish is more elegant.

LG Optimus 4X HD

This phone was about 6 months too late to make a big splash. It excels in media and the battery out performs the One X, using the same chipset. The Google Nexus 4 stole the wind from Optimus 4X HD.

Nokia Lumia 920

There must be a Windows phone in the top mobile phones, so here it is. The Lumia 920 is a Windows 8 phone and it keeps it simple, but it is not stupid. As you can usually expect from Nokia, the camera is perhaps the best on the market, at 8MP and crisp. A 4.5-inch display makes watching video comfortale and you can use the phone while wearing gloves. This could be Nokia’s edge back into the game. Time will tell.

Sony Xperia T

The Bravia TV technology from Sony is integrated into the 4.6-inch screen and the rear camera is a whopping 13MP. The entire desing is slick.

Motorola Razr I

Solid signal and fast Internet service are two reasons to buy the Razr I. The display is beautiful and the size is small in the pocket. The price is right for someone who is not a great fan of mobile phones.

The Final Word

Everyone has their favorite phone manufacturer and the ones they are biased against. Giving them all a fair shake, though, the list of the 10 best mobile phones includes a little from many different mobile phone manufacturers. There are so many to choose from, you just have to try them yourself.