5 Must-Have iPhone Games

Mobile gaming is big business. Every day, it seems that there is a new game out in the App Store or the Android Market. It’s difficult to know what you should be spending your hard-earned cash on and which you should be avoiding like the plague. Unfortunately, it seems that for every great mobile game out there, there are hundreds of poor efforts that you should steer clear of at all cost. Mobile games are great for passing your time, whilst on the move – you can play them literally anywhere! So, if you’re a bit of a newbie to mobile gaming, we’ve selected 5 games that you should certainly take a look at.

  1. Temple Run
    As with all of the games we’ve listed here, this is incredibly addictive. The object of the game is to guide your character through a temple, avoiding the many obstacles on the way. Your character runs through the narrow passages, whilst being chased by a number of obscure looking ghouls. A simple swipe on your iPhone’s screen will make the character jump, duck and move left or right. It get’s incredibly tricky and you’ll soon find yourself hooked.

  2. Words with Friends
    A slightly slower game next – Words with Friends. Think Scrabble, and you’ve pretty much got it! The main difference is that you can connect with friends through Facebook or via email and play against them. You can play the game at your own pace, which is the real selling point with this game. You can dip in and out, without giving your full attention all the time.

  3. Whale Trail
    If you like pretty colours, and friendly folk music, this is the game for you. Whale trail is quite a trippy concept – you guide a blue whale as he glides through the air and collects sparkling gems along the way. But beware of the angry storm clouds. Get too close and you’ll get zapped!

  4. FIFA 2012
    We are huge fans of EA Games and their mobile games are definitely up there with the best. They take some of the most popular EA games and simplify them somewhat, so they are compatible with your mobile device. The graphics are usually outstanding and that is certainly true of FIFA 2012. This takes football games to the next level; you have to think about strategy and formation, rather than just trying anything to get the ball in the back of the net. Once you get to grips with the control, you’ll keep coming back for more.

  5. Apache 3D
    This is a great little flight simulator for your iPhone. Learn to master the controls of the Apache helicopter and you’ll be sent into battle to neutralise terrorist threats. Quite simple, but strangely addictive!

This article was written by Sam Fuller – a fan of mobile slots and mobile gaming in general. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?