5 Cool iPhone Apps for Young Parents

Sure, your iPhone can do a lot of things . . . but did you know that it can also help with your child rearing? That’s right – the iPhone app store is stocked with handy tools for parenting that can be especially useful for new and/or young parents. Let’s face it: as a new parent, you could use all the help you can get, even from the most unlikely of places. If you are curious as to how, exactly, your iPhone can serve as your parenting assistant, then read up on these five cool iPhone apps for young parents:

  1. Baby Monitor
    This awesome app makes it possible for your iPhone to double as a travel baby monitor. Simply access the app, specify a phone number in the app’s easy to use interface, place the iPhone in baby’s crib, and rest assured that the app will contact you at the number you provided and let you listen in on baby any time noise is detected.

  2. Baby Tracker: Diapers
    If your new baby gets sick or has digestive problems of any type, then it is likely your doctor will ask you to monitor diaper activity. Yes, that means you must keep record of how often baby urinates or has a bowel movement, as well as what color and consistency those bowel movements are. This app is designed just for that purpose, using “W” to designate a wet diaper, “BM” to designate a bowel movement, color swatches to track the look of BMs, and a section for taking whatever notes you want. Baby Tracker: Diapers makes a neat job of this not-so-neat responsibility.

  3. Total Baby
    When you have a new baby, you must keep track of a lot of things. As a young parent, you are still in habit-forming mode, and a lot of the tasks associated with caring for baby may be unfamiliar to you. Keep baby care tasks in order with Total Baby, an interface that enables you to track and schedule feedings, diaper changes, sleep times, milestones, and much more.

  4. Baby Tracker: Nursing. A young mother has a lot of adjusting to do, and breastfeeding can come with quite the learning curve. This app can keep track of nursing times, including duration on each side and length of time in between nursing sessions.

  5. White Noise Lite
    Need help getting the little one to sleep? Use this free app to access a variety of soothing, sleep-inducing sounds, from standard white noise to waves crashing on a beach.

As you can see, iPhone has a lot to offer when it comes to taking care of a new baby. Download these apps and put your iPhone to good use in the nursery.

About the AUthor: Windy Lalata loves using as many free iphone app options as possible in her daily life. She enjoys being able to incorporate technology into her day to day activities, including parenting. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?