5 Cell Phone Tricks

We all love our cell phones and are constantly looking for new things to do with them. It does not matter whether we do useful things or stupid ones. Here are 5 cool tricks.

Saved By the Bell!

Schedule your own interruption so you can slip out of a meeting or escape from a date. Popularity Dialer is a service you can have call you at a scheduled time and play half of a conversation from your “boss” or your “cousin” who needs your help. The only problem right now is that they have been temporarily shut down by the FCC because one of the FCC agents received an unsolicited “interruption” call. It was probably a disgruntled worker who wanted to irritate his boss.

Unlock Your Car Door

You’ve locked your keys in your car and it is a keyless entry car. Call your friend, hold your phone up to the door, while she hits the unlock on a spare that you left in her care. She has to hold it up to the phone when she does it, of course. This does not always work, so you will want to try it out before you get in this kind of situation where you depend on it. Some claim it cannot work due to different frequencies utilized by the two devices.

Extended Battery Time on Nokia

There is a rumor going round that if you dial *3370# on your Nokia phone, you will get 50% more battery time. The phone is supposed to restart and then you have extra space for your battery charge. You will have to charge it first though. This is not accurate, but not too far off.

#3370# turns off Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR), which degrades the sound, but you gain a whopping 5% of talk time. *#4720# sets Half Rate Codec, lowering sound quality further, but giving you an amazing 30% extended talk time. That’s it, 35% more talk time, but crappy sound.

Join Law Enforcement in Locating Missing Children

This is a dangerous one, because predators can sign up as well and keep a watch for kids who are lost and grab them. Hopefully this tip will be used for good, not evil. Amber Alerts are issued whenever a child goes missing. The most important time to locate the child is within the first 3 hours. You can have Amber Alerts texted to your phone. Enter your phone number and zip code and whenever there is an Amber Alert in your area you will receive the child’s description, where the child was last spotted, and information about any vehicles involved. This is supported by the Wireless Foundation, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and nearly every existing wireless carrier. I just hope they check the list of predators before allowing a phone number to sign up for this information.

Check for Leaks in your Microwave Oven

You’ll need two cell phones for this trick. Place one in the microwave oven and close the door. Don’t worry. We aren’t going to ask you to bake your phone. DO NOT TURN ON THE MICROWAVE OVEN! Instead, call the first phone, which is in the microwave, using the second phone. If the phone inside rings, there is a leak in your microwave oven. If not, it is properly sealed. The microwave oven is designed to keep in microwave radiation, so phone signals cannot enter.

The Final Word

Some tricks given out on the Internet are hoaxes, while a few are simply too cool not to be tried out. There are too many to mention here.