5 Amazing Free Apps for Your Blackberry

Blackberry has been around for ages and despite being overshadowed by the iPhone in terms of apps, the Blackberry platform has a plethora of apps for its users to download. With just the right app, smart phones can do just about anything and the Blackberry is no exception. While some of these apps require an initial purchase fee, many are free to use. Here are five amazing free apps for the Blackberry smartphone.

    • Mobipocket Reader

E-books have been all the rage and subsequently, so have e-readers. Many people cannot justify purchasing an additional device when they’ve already got a laptop, smart phone or other electronic device that they could use. Mobipocket Reader allows its users to read e-books right on their Blackberry phone, thus cutting out the need for a large, bulky e-reader.

    • Grid Magic

Grid Magic is currently the only free spreadsheet application available on the Blackberry platform. For the business person on the go, this app allows them to create financial and data sheets from anywhere. Perfect for those who need to crunch numbers or keep track of finances while out and about.

    • Poynt

A relatively newer app on the Blackberry platform that allows users to search locally based on their location. Using the GPS feature, Poynt uses the user’s location to ‘poynt’ out locations of interest including restaurants, retailers, cafes, movie theaters and more. Don’t have or use GPS? No worries, Poynt allows its users to type in an address manually if needed. Finally, it’s worth noting that Poynt also works together with Blackberry Maps to give the user clear directions to the chosen location.

    • WebMessenger

With so many different messengers out there, it’s difficult to keep them all straight. WebMessenger allows its users to access contacts on a number of different messengers including popular favorites such as Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Skype and Google. This free Blackberry app shows who’s online on any chosen IM network and allows its users to set a status or chitchat all day long.

  • PocketMac

Many Mac users assume they must buy an iPhone if they want to sync their smart phone to their computer. PocketMac allows Blackberry users to do exactly that: sync their Blackberry to the Mac, with less hassle. PocketMac allows its Blackberry users to sync address books, email, notes, tasks and calendars with their Mac computers.

Blackberry has an amazing number of features that make it a great rival for the iPhone. In fact, the BlackBerry Facebook app is one of the best methods to access Facebook. But it’s hard for many to see past the iPhone hype. Remember, the Blackberry platform offers just as many amazing free applications; not to mention there are also a plethora of paid applications for those willing.

About the Author: Palmer Angelica has been a die-hard Blackberry fan for the past several years, but is happily preparing to compare his old phone to the new Galaxy Ace. He believe’s it is important to remain open-minded and willing to embrace new technological devices as they are developed. This article was written by a guest author. Would you like to write for us?