4 Secret Android Hacks

Flexibility is one of the major selling points for Android. While the iPhone and its ecosystem are heavily regulated by Apple, Android is something more of an open pasture. This makes the software and the devices it runs on a playground for people who like to play with their devices. Here are four interesting Android hacks that you’re sure to love.

Install Apps That Aren’t Available on Your Device

Some apps aren’t made available for all devices. There are a couple of ways to pull this one off. By searching Google for the installer (.apk) file for an app, and then transferring it to your phone, you can manually install an app. Another way to get apps on your phone that aren’t built for it is to visit market.android.com and search for the app you want to install. Click through to the install screen, choosing to launch the browser every time, then click the back key and click install again. This time when it prompts you, click the option to launch the Android Market and you’ll be able to install the app!

Turn Your Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot for Free

This will work for almost any Android device, but make sure that you have enough data left if you’re on a contract, or that you’re on an unlimited data plan if you have a prepaid cell phone. By installing an app from the Android Market called Wireless Tether, you can share your phone’s data connection with a laptop computer or tablet, giving you internet access anywhere you have coverage.

Change the Software Completely

This will require that your phone is rooted. Suppose you get bored with the look of your phone, or you want to add more features. By installing a piece of software called a ROM, you can overhaul the look of Android. One of the most popular ROMs is called CyanogenMod, and it adds a ton of cool features to your phone at no cost.

Make Your Phone Faster

Again, you’ll need root access to this. Once your phone is rooted, though, you can search the Android Market for an overclock app. What these apps do is change the clock speed of your processor, effectively upgrading your hardware. You’ll be able to give your phone that extra bit of speed to run all the apps you want. Be careful not to speed it up too much, though, as this can damage the device.

The possibilities beyond this are endless. A lot of doors are opened just by rooting your Android phone. Play around with the device and don’t be afraid to dream – the sky’s the limit with Android.